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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Rennie - Title Decider - Build Up

With only 1 fixture left we see the table toppers, Andy and Morgan, facing off against each other in the title decider.  Both are faltering with the finishing tape getting closer, while the 'Youngsters' have finally got into their stride, although a bit to late.
In the last nights games, a member of Morgan's rink (OK it was me) was heard to say that there are nights when you lose but feel that you have played ok, this was NOT one of those nights.  All four players were definitely sub-par in their 8 - 3 loss to Karen's rink.  Karen, although finishing bottom has taken a win and a peel from her last two games and both of these were against the two title contenders.  Our other young team led by Rowena was also winning last night with an 8 - 6 score against Colin's rink.  Rowena is also finished her campaign and will finish in third place.
The various teams are now neatly back into the positions that they occupied back in December at the half way point.
Andy now leads Morgan by 1 point, so the winner of next weeks sudden death game, will be the champion.  (A peel would also seal the deal for Andy).  Andy's last result was a peel against the bottom of the table team, while Morgan's team comes into the crunch game off the back of defeats to both the 'young' teams.

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