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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Break

We wish John Good and Dave Munro the best of luck in the Province Pairs competition on Saturday

Other than that we wish everyone a Good Christmas and New Year.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rennie @ 2/3rds

As the Rennie reaches it's Christmas break and the end of the second round, things started closing up somewhat.  Dave previously unbeaten was up against Colin who was still to get off the mark.  Things were going to form with Dave leading 3 - 1 after four ends, then Colin mounted a strong come back and pulled off a great win to send him into the Christmas break with something to cheer about.
In the other game, I have to report that despite Simon not playing a single bad stone his side recorded another loss to John Good.  Simon actually played despite a shoulder injury and skipped but did not deliver any stones.  Dedication from Oor President and a lesson to any footballers out there.
These results see the gap narrowing to a single win between the top two teams and the same margin between the trailing two teams.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wingate at 2/3rds

After two of the three rounds of the Rennie have been completed we see Morgan slipping into a narrow one point lead over Willie (after my mistake has been corrected - oops) who has a further one point lead over our two times winner Andy.  Although Andy could, mathematically, still win it now looks like a fight to avoid relegation.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

RCCC Medal - 2014

After a tight tussle, Haddington come up just short once again in our annual quest for an RCCC Medal.  John Good has written a short report of the match:-

 John Good, Sandy Nicoll, Karen Munro and Andrew Kinnaird represented Haddington CC in a District Medal game at Murrayfield on 19 November. Their opponents were two husband-and-wife combinations from Glenrothes CC.
After five of the seven ends played, Glenrothes were 5 shots to 2.  Haddington got one in end six, taking us to within two shots.  After our last stone in the seventh end we were lying five without the hammer only to see that reduced to a single by another excellent shot by the Glenrothes skip.
Result after the seven ends: Glenrothes 5, Haddington 4.
All eight players agreed that the game had been tight, not least as Glenrothes got one of their singles by a fine margin after a measure. The visitors joined us for supper and some good craik. All were agreed that meeting curlers from other clubs through the District Medal competition was well worth doing.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Individual Points - Analysis

Last night 8 players accepted the challenge, that is our points competition.  This year saw the defending champion, Morgan, avoided having to play 'first stones' using the cunning ploy of playing on a different sheet and therefore not defending his title. 
Having only 8 players meant that we rattled through all the exercises in a close and high class competition that saw the average score increase to 33, a score that would have won in previous years (although not all the exercises are completed each year).
Morgan need not have worried though as the medal remains in his house with the title being passed over to Sandy, who was given stiff competition by big sister Lindsey who retained the Ladies crown.
Results and comments are below:-
 For the record, the all time best highest (and lowest) scores - well since records began (five years) are below,  please note that these are distorted slightly by not all the exercises being completed every year:-

Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Game Report

Currently the Rennie is at the one third mark with Dave Munro our clear leader with a 100% record, so far.
In the Wingate, only two games have been played and all the rinks are on one win and one loss, leaving Morgan our table topper having a superior end count.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

East Lothian Province Competitions

The Draws for the East Lothian Knock-out, the Pairs and the Bonspiel competitions have now been completed and can be found on the FIXTURES page.
Please note that the fixture date for the first round match in the Knock-out needs to be rearranged as our opposition cannot play at the original time.