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  • NEXT CLUB FIXTURE - AGM 19-4-15 @ 7pm
  • Rennie Trophy - Completed 17-2-15
  • Wingate Rosebowl - Completed 30-1-15

Monday, 13 April 2015

AGM 19-4-15 Notification

That's nearly all for the 2014/15 season.
All that remains is the AGM to underline this year and begin the setup for next season.
The AGM is being hosted by the outgoing President, Simon at:-
West Fenton
EH39 5AJ
at 7pm on Sunday 19th April 2015.
Copies of the minutes from last years AGM along with a copy of the Draft Agenda for this years AGM have been sent out by email.  If you have not received your copy, please let me know.
The accounts will be prepared and presented at the AGM.
While it is not essential to let Simon or I know if you are coming, an indication would be useful to prevent Simon from preparing too much home baking !
Hope to see lots of you there.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Post Dinner

Thanks to everyone for a fun season and a highly enjoyable dinner.  Photos of the prize winners are now up on our Flickr site - see link on the right.
The next date of note is the AGM on Sunday 19th April, at Windwards.  A good turn out would be appreciated.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Club Dinner 13th March 2015

Our Annual Club Dinner and Prize giving is once more closing in fast.
Please book early by letting Graeme know if you are coming and how many tickets you would like.
(Apologies over the confusion of the date in my email)

The Rennie Trophy

With two remaining games left there was still a mathematical chance that John Good could catch our run away leader Dave Munro and that Colin Baird could catch and overhaul Simon Kesley.
John scuppered Colin's chances with a winning margin of  9 - 3 and kept his chances open.  However Dave, using the game against Simon as a rehearsal for his outing at the Scottish Seniors Championships next weekend, was in an unforgiving mood and matched John's score of 9 - 3.
These results confirm the final positions in the league and with one round still to play we congratulate Dave Munro and his team of James Pate, Roy Black and Richard Taylor for winning the Rennie Quaich.

Monday, 9 February 2015

President v Vice President

This was a match that Simon, 'oor president' had to win, to save Graeme's blushes from last years engraving error.  It was fair to say that Simon was feeling the pressure, which was increased due to his temporary reliance on the delivery stick.
This turned out to be an exciting match that went down to the last stone of the last match.
Each of the two games were one sided with Simon receiving a skelping from John, 7 - 2.  The other game with James P playing for the President against our new Wingate winner, Willie saw the game go in favour of the President.  After six ends they were leading 5 - 3 however a mis-communication between the Vice Pres and his depute, Willie, saw him remove one of James's stones.  This mathematical error left James with a tricky draw for a four, which he made, to take his game 9 - 4.
The aggregate saw Simon squeeze home with a margin of 11 - 10.
The game was followed by an enjoyable meal.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Wingate Willie

Willie with memories of
past achievements
The final round saw Team Kerr and Team Nicoll both in with a chance.
Things were looking good for Willie as he faced last years champion Andy McDiarmid, who in a reversal of fortune was propping up this years rankings.  Andy faced him with a surprise up his sleeve, with Graeme benched, Dave Munro was hastily substituted.  Andy got off to a great start with a five in the first end and try as he might Willie was never able to catch up.  The final score 9 - 6 and only Andy's second win of the season.
This defeat left Morgan with the chance of the title, A win and at least 4 ends were required.  Fate was about to take a hand though, through another late substitution.  Morgan did not play and left his son and heir to take the glory, but he was to be aided (?) by Scottish Junior Champion (and daughter of Willie !!) Rowena.  But it was not to be with Sandy waiting until the seventh end to get out the blocks against James Pate's squad.  Final score, Lots - 1.
With both championship leaders failing to win, the championship went to Willie Kerr, whose name will appear on the Rosebowl for the first time.

Pairs Winners

Despite only managing to turn out 12 instead of 16 players, the competition was still keen with James Pate and Charles Young having to face 2 'Draw Shot Challenges'.  The first got them through to the Low Road Final, the second lost them the final.

Congratulations to Morgan and Shelagh for taking the High Road and to 'Team Andy' ie. Aberdein and Kinnaird for winning that 'Draw Shot' to take the Low Road.

Andy Aberdein deserves particular mention as this is the third year in a row (and fourth year out of five) where he has figured on the winners list, although the last two years have been the high road.

Here is a condensed report on the event:-
Here's a condensed report.
Round 1
Andy Aberdein and Andrew Kinnaird beat John Good and David Wyllie 6 - 2.
Dave Munro and Simon Kesley beat James Pate and Charles Young by 6 - 1
Morgan Nicoll and Shelagh Main beat Sandy Nicoll and Richard 5 - 2.
Sandy and Richard progressed to Round 2 by having taken two ends to John and David's one.
Round 2 a
Morgan and Shelagh beat Dave and Simon 6 - 2
Sandy and Richard beat Andy and Andrew 5 - 2
Round 2 b
In this game James and Charles pealed with John and David 4 - 4. James won the draw shot challenge to take him and Charles forward.
'Low Road' Final
James and Charles pealed with Andy and Andrew 2 - 2 and with two ends each. Andy won the draw shot challenge and the Low Road for him and Andrew. Well done both.
High Road Final
The game between Morgan and Shelagh versus Sandy and Richard was fought as keenly as any on the day. Each won two ends, but Morgan and Shelagh took the title with four shots to three.
As usual, this game was played not only on the ice but on the gallery. Had the result been determined by the stones played by the experts on the gallery they would all have been perfect.......but the real game was played on the ice by four good players who well deserved the applause they got for showing us an exciting Pairs game.
Congratulations to Morgan and Shelagh. No doubt at all that Sandy and Richard will be back to give the Pairs another go next year.

Thanks to Secretary Graeme for marshalling players for our Pairs Competition. Thanks also to David Wyllie and others who devised a formula to give us all as many games as possible, given that six pairs don't easily lead to the Club's usual split after the first round into a high and low roads. Let's all see what we can do to get a full sixteen forward next year. 

John R Good