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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Playing Status Forms

The Playing Intentions Forms have now been emailed to all members.

If you have not received a form, please contact Shelagh Main.

Forms can be returned by post to Shelagh or by email to our club email address (see panel on the right)

Summer Evenings

On the evening of Saturday 11th June a total of 19 members and their families turned up at Gifford Bowling Club for our annual summer bowling (chatting) night.  The large turn out was down to the hard work of Shelagh and John on the phone, so thanks to them.

Fortunately the rain held off and the players dragged themselves from the bar and onto the green, where the team of Morgan & Muriel proceeded to wipe the floor with the other teams, winning nine of 12 ends and finishing the night with a total of 8 shots (are they called that in Bowls?) up.  Another Nicoll, Liz this time, came second with Dave Munro with a lowly +3.  Third place was shared by Team Nicoll (Lorna) / James Logan and Team Kinnaird assisted by Becky Young on +2. 

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Only one more of the remaining teams, despite containing multiple previous winners, managed   positive scores.
The bowling concluded, it was back to the bar for beer and food.
Thanks once again to Gifford Bowling Club for putting up with us and to Dave Wyllie who helped whip us into some semblance of order.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Last Match of the Season

The Canadian Ladies aka 'The Crispy Crunchers'
Gayle, Sharon, Susan & Kathy
Long after our brooms had been put away and a week after Murrayfield had closed for the season, Graeme, Morgan, Elinor and Karen set off for Kelso.  The game was against a very good quartet of Canadian Ladies from Ennismore Curling Club who had been visiting Scotland to take part in the Moray International, in Elgin (where they finished in Silver Medal position!).  Graeme and Morgan had played against their husbands during the Strathcona Cup Tour in 2013 and Graeme had even borrowed Susan's 'Pink' broom to play in that game.  This was our opportunity to return the hospitality that we had been shown while in their country.
With our season having been finished for several weeks and their coming off the back of a successful bonspiel, we anticipated a tough match.  Fortunately we got off to a flying start with the 'Crispy Crunchers' finding the Kinross ice a challenge.  I say fortunately because we went into the second last end with a 5 shot advantage but by this time the ladies had got their eye in and our lead, second and third all had their worst ends of the game leaving us lying 5 against with Morgan's last shot to come.  Fortunately he managed to cut them down to a four !  The final end went our way and we adjourned to the bar as victors (just). 
As a finishing touch we were able to intorduce the ladies to Bruce Mouat, the recently crowned World Junior Champion, who was enjoying a practice session with Gina Aitken before setting off to the World Mixed Pairs Championships.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Final Rennie Results

The final games in the Rennie saw Simon's team finally slide away from their mid-season purple patch back to their early season losing streak while John tried to make a late come back with only his second win of the season.  That said a 15 - 0 win was pretty uncompromising, if only they could have shown some of that form earlier in the year....
This left the Battle of the Andys which was viewed with interest by Simon and his crew.  A win for Andy Aberdein would have meant second place in the table and pushing Simon back down to third.  Despite some promising shot,s the might of our run away champions, Andy McDiarmid, Willie Kerr, Sandy Nicoll and John Playfair proved too much in the end, although an 8 - 4 scoreline flattered our champions.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pairs Results 15/16

The full results for the Pairs competition have now been added to the 'Results' page.

Rennie Winner 15/16

Congratulations to Andy McDiarmid, who in his absence scored the curcial win against the Kesley
team to make victory assured, with one game still in hand.
Andy's team, led on the night by his third, Willie Kerr, James Logan (sub), Sandy Nicoll and John Playfair took a comfortable 10 - 3 win over Simon, Graeme, Hugh and Frances (sub) on very 'tricky' ice over on sheet 7.  While there were errors on both sides, Simon and Graeme never really got to grips with the challenge that the ice and opposition presented, thus halting their run of results.

On the other sheet John Good and Andy Aberdein had a game of two halves.  John won the first four ends and went into the fifth with a 5 - 0 lead.  Andy was to deny John and more shots and took the final three ends to leave the ice with a well earned 5 - 5 draw.

These results leave Andy McDiarmid as our winner and John Good heading for relegation.  Simon still leads Andy Aberdein by 1 point so the runner up slot is still up for grabs.