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  • Wingate Rosebowl - Complete 24-2-14
  • Rennie Trophy - Complete 12-2-14

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Wingate Won

Congratulations to Andy McDiarmid who retained the title.  This is the first time that this has been
successfully defended for nearly 20 years and only the sixth time since the war.  The last skip to defend their crown was Peter Rennie in 1994/95 and 1995/96.
It has been noted that no-one has achieved the hat-trick, yet.............  no pressure Andy !
Andy and his regular team of James Pate, Simon Kesley and Richard Taylor dominated this years competition and had it won with games still in hand.  They were also the only team to remain undefeated throughout the season although he did peel three games, one against each of the other skips!
The target is on your back for next year Andy.

Monday, 17 February 2014

President v Vice 2014

Congratulations to Simon Kesley, very much supported by Dave Munro for winning the Presidents Cup, for the first time as the President.  Simon and his Depute won both games, although in very different styles.
Simon was embroiled in a battle with the Vice President John R Good and took the lead for the first time in the final end.
On the adjacent sheet, Dave and his three person team team of Kath and Dave Wyllie, administered a severe beating to his opposition, including taking five consecutive ends.  This also involved two steals of five shots.  With the game well and truly won they relented and let the opposition catch up with a four in the final end.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rennie Showdown

It was all change last night in the final Rennie games of the season.  In a bottom of the table clash Dave Munro followed in Eve Muirheads footsteps by inflicting a big seven ender to win and consign Simon to bottom position.
In the meantime Willie, fresh from the Scottish Senior Championships needing a win to take the title from James P.  Willie, who was safe from taking another wooden spoon, took no prisoners by leading into the final end eight - nil up.  There was no generosity on show as he went all out to win that end too, although he came up short allowing James to get on the scoreboard with two shots.
So Congratulations to Willie Kerr, Morgan Nicoll, Roy Black and Stephen Dyer who are this years champions.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Pairs 2013 / 14

Richard and Andy A
Congratulations to everyone who took part in this years pairs, which provided a few surprises and upsets along the way.
In the first round The Daves (Munro and Wyllie) presented a granny to Simon and Lindsey, who were definitely slow off the mark.
In the Low Road, John G and Julie ran out the winners against the inexperienced duo of Douglas Pate and Steven Dyer while Simon and Lindsey continued their slow start against Shelagh and Hamish Logan.  Simon and Lindsey finally got on the scoreboard in their seventh end of the day and followed up with another end peeling the game and having to draw the shot.  Lindsey drew just behind the button while the opposition slipped a few inches further.
The final was a tight affair all the way through with our snails, Simon and Lindsey coming good at the end and winning three shots to two against John and Julie.
The Gallery
In the High Road, both games went with a four - two scoreline leaving us with a battle of the Andys for the crown.  Morgan (fresh from his Province Pairs and Province Bonspiel titles - both for 'the other club') and his Andy (Kinnaird) were favourites against Richard Taylor and Andy Aberdein (both with excellent track records in the Pairs).  After 4 ends Morgan and Andrew K were leading five to three and looking comfortable.  This was when the ice came into play and bit back. Morgan's first stone picked up and veered off the sheet while his second also picked and veered away........ then swerved back and ended on the button half guarded !  much to the frustration of the opposition and jeering from the spectators gallery.  All was not yet lost for Richard and Andy A who watched Morgan's final shot neatly pick out his own shot stone.  Richard and Andy then 'calmly' played their final stone for a three and the title.

Scottish Junior Champion

Team Gina Aitken
Photo courtesy of RCCC
Well done to Rowena Kerr, who playing second to Gina Aitken secured an exciting Scottish Junior title to their names.
Despite a slow start to the week they came good and qualified from the round robin in second place. They managed to beat, by a convincing scoreline Katie Murray, who had already beaten them in the round robin and the Page 1v2 playoff.
Gina's sister Karina also won the girls sportsmanship award.
Now we have all got to ask, will dad Willie make it a double title when he contests the Scottish Seniors ???

Early Finish for the Wingate

With two games remaining Andy McDiarmid, (in his absence) and his team of James Pate, Simon Kesley and Richard Taylor, secures back to back victories in the Wingate Rosebowl.  It is the first time that the title has been successfully defended since Peter Rennie in 1995 and 1996.
There is still all to play for at the other end of the table though .

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Young v Old

Young 16 - 9 Old
Time has now gone by and the Oldies have finished licking their wounds, so at the risk of opening old sores here is the official report.
The Youth sqaud led by Lorna Nicoll with Karen Munro, Lorna Shaw and Angus Elder got off to a flying start against the Vice President's team (no names mentioned here to save embarrasment).  Indeed at the half way mark the only 'Granny' on the ice was for the all male Oldies team.
The kids built up a seven - nil scoreline after five ends before presumably remembering who was paying for their tea and petrol home.  They patronisingly allowed the Oldsters to take the last two ends for a final seven - three scoreline.
Things were a bit diffiernt, but only a bit, in the Presidents game.  Here the Youth team skipped by Sandy Nicoll, Jack Kerr, Hamish Logan and Douglas Pate allowed the first end to go to the opposition.  Having used that as a practice end the juniors then took the next three ends (including a steal of four).  The Younger team ran out Nine - Six winners
Young have now won the challenge for a second consecutive year.

(The Old Team was J R Good, D Munro, J Pate, G Elder, S Kesley, E Logan,G Maguire and M Nicoll)