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Friday, 18 January 2019

Rennie - Update

Last night saw the top of the table clash between Willie and Sandy. 
Sandy played casual and arranged for fellow rival skip, Dave Munro to play in his place.
Sandy's team was also suffering injury with Graeme unable to sweep.  (Not sure who suffered the most, John G and Frances who had to put up with Graeme pacing beside them 'urging' them on or Graeme himself, desperate to sweep but unable !)
Team Kerr got off to a great start with Willie drawing with his last stone to take a 3.  Dave then fought back to take a 2 at the next four ends (sometimes with Willie's help!) to take a commanding lead of 8 - 3 after five ends.  Dave then elected to 'allow' Willie to take a 2 at the penultimate end only to see Shelagh superbly directing the sweeping to get a double wick with the final stone to secure an unplanned (by team Nicoll jnr) 3. With another great final stone Team Kerr managed to steal another 2 in the final end to deny Sandy the title by securing a peel.
The top two teams now only have one game left and are separated by two points, so Sandy requires a peel in his final game against Team Aberdein.  Sandy also has a one end and two shots up 'cushion' over the Kerr Squad who will face James Logan in their final game.
James Logan's team, helmed by Elinor took a narrow win over Andy Aberdein's squad to keep them mathematically in contention, but they would have to win their last games well and Sandy and Willie would need to lose their last games.
Team Munro looks secure in fourth place BUT if Andy beats Sandy in his next game the destination of the wooden spoon could come down to the final clash between the two contenders !

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Members Update

We are delighted to welcome John McOmish as a new reserve member of our club.  He was a former junior player with Gogar Park but is making his comeback and has come through a Beginers Course and is a member of New Stones (and several other clubs).
I have played against John and witnessed him making a very good double tap up and a double take out in successive shots !
His details are:-
Name - John McOmish
email – john.mcomish AT
Mobile number – 07521 365 302

To consolidate things I would also remind you of our other new member Julia Mackey. I have included her details here as well
Name – Julia Mackey
email -   Julia.mackey  AT
Mobile number -07483 416 565   (This is the updated UK mobile number)

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Trash Talking

With the per-christmas resurgence of our Young Teams there was a great deal of optimism on display, especially on our 'social media' feed. (Doesn't that sound modern!).  The two young teams leading the Rennie League and Sandy leading the Wingate League was obviously a concern to the 'Oldies' who managed to muster two strong teams for the grudge challenge.
The final results show one game to each side.  In the first game Team Nicoll (Sandy) took on Team Munro (Dave).  Dave started strongly taking a 4 in the second end, unfortunately he was only able to squeeze another single end to finish the night with a score of 5.  Cunning play by Dave and his boys (men) ensured that Sandy was restricted to low scoring ends himself and the Oldies entered the final end 5 - 4 leaders.  Sandy, aided by Lorna Nicoll, Ali Harvey and Becky Culverwell stepped up their game (maybe they were getting hungry) and stole a 3 to run out winners 7 - 5 and giving first blood to the 'Young' side.
Meanwhile Team Pate (James) took on Team Lindsey.  It would appear that this team of 'Oldies' had pent up aggression to work out.  Not only did this game manage eight ends (cf. six ends in the other game) but James Pate, James Logan, Shelagh Main/Elinor Logan and Ian Donald, kept their concentration and consistently scored good ends.  The final score was 13 - 5.
The aggregate score shows a win of 18 - 12 for the Old.
This completes the hat trick with the Old winning for the third year in a rowThe last Junior win was in 2013/2014.
In a return to an old tradition, the players then moved on to enjoy a Chinese meal in Edinburgh.

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Next Generation

The Wingate is being led by 'Young' Sandy while the Rennie is being led by sister Lindsey and Rowena. 
Next up - Young v Old   ......just saying !

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Wingate @ 50% (plus a little bit)

At the halfway mark Sandy is unbeaten and Willie is snapping (shouting?) at his heels.  The rest of the teams have some work to do.
Without any urging from this blog, they obviously took this on board and last nights game saw absolutely no changes in the leader board EXCEPT, both the top two teams were beaten by Team Logan and Team Munro.  Although the positions in the league haven't changed the points have closed up, making the rest of the season look a more uncomfortable for the 'big two'.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Rennie @ 50%

Sibling rivalry was clearly on display with last nights clash of the Young Ones.
Not only was Lindsey skipping against sister Lorna but they were backed up with Ali Harvey v brother Callum and Douglas Pate against sister Emma... oh yes, Karen Munro was also involved.
Courtesy of a big 5 in the third end gave big Sis Lindsey, Callum and Douglas a 5 - 3 win and bragging rights !
This leaves Team McConnell sitting at the top of the table with three wins out of four games.  The Young Ones are currently topping and tailing the league at the half way mark.
The other three teams are all sitting on two wins with Team Pate in second, one end up on the other two teams. Squad Morgan Nicoll is in third by dint of having a score of +9 shots up, while Teams Pate and Baird are on -1 and -3 respectively. 
The second half of the league should be interesting !

Monday, 26 November 2018

EL Knockout - Round 1

Congratulations to Sandy, Lindsey, Colin and Paula who successfully navigated the 'good guys' to a convincing 12 - 5 win over local rivals Aberlady.
The Draw has been updated on the Fixtures Tab, above.