Next Events/Fixtures

  • Wingate - Thurs 19-01-17 @ 5.30pm
  • E.L Bonspiel - Fri 20-01-17 from 12.05pm
  • PAIRS Competition - Sun 22-01-17 from 3.45pm
  • Wingate - Thurs 26-01-17 @ 5.30pm AND SUPPER
  • Young v Old - 1-02-17 @ 5.30pm
  • Rennie - Tue 7-02-17 @ 7.30pm

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


With only a few days to go President John Good will be packing and repacking his bags ready to set off on the 2017 Scottish Curlers Tour to the USA.  He will be playing 31 games in three weeks and hopefully will return home having regained the Herries Maxwell Trophy for Scotland.
The tour will cover from Cape Cod in the East to Minneapolis in the West.
The best wishes of the club goes with him, Callum Harvey, Jim Ramsey and the 17 other curlers.

You can follow their day to day exploits on their website
This link is also on the right hand panel along with other useful links.

Access to Murrayfield

Bridge Closure - As from Wednesday 11th January 2017 the main road bridge into the rink will be closed.  The bridge into the back car parks (rugby parking) should be used - this will be well signposted.  Parking will still be in the usual car park, with the overflow in the back car park.

President v Vice President

Maybe this is the first time this match has, in name if not in fact,
been won by a Vice President who was in the Caribbean at the time.
President John, encouraged by Willie Kerr, Lindsay Nicoll and David
Wyllie headed off the challenge by Morgan Nicoll, Sandy Nicoll and
Colin Baird with a seven to their five.
Dave Munro, Jack Kerr, Karen Munro and John Playfair, playing for the
President, finished with four shots, three behind James Pate with his
VP team of Roy Black, Liz Nicoll and Richard Taylor.
Result: The Vice President wins with a total of twelve shots to eleven.

It was good to have George Playfair, for many years one of our members
and possibly the most reliably consistent  lead some of us will have
curled with, watching the match and joining us for the supper which

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


The Semi Final of the Swan will now take place on Friday 27th January 2017 @ 12.05pm and will be followed by the final.
This was previously supposed to be held (and is in the Syllabus as) 6th January 2017.
The teams are:
M Nicoll, J Pate, J Good and G Maguire and
J Logan, D Munro, W Kerr and S Nicoll
We will be playing Mid-Calder in the Semi-Final.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

It was the Rennie before Christmas

Christmas spirits may have been running high, but both Rennie games produced 'interesting' results.
In the absence of Andy Aberdein, his team went on (partially due to timing) and issued Sandy with his first defeat of the season, on the final stone of the final end.
Meanwhile Colin Baird was administering a major beating to the Pate squad (the granny being shoved on the bus in the last end) to register their first win of the season.
These results, though interesting have had minimal effect on the standings, with Sandy still leading Karen by three points, although Karen has a game in hand.  Colin is also marooned at the bottom by three points although, he too, has a game in hand. 
This league could still have some twists and turns in the final three rounds.

Monday, 12 December 2016

E.L. Pairs

Well done to Shelagh Main and Lindsey Nicoll, who represented our club in the Province Pairs Competition.  They were beaten in the battle for the 'Nicoll Trophy' by Athelstaneford in the High Road Final.  I am assured that the score was not representative of the game.

Murrayfield Proposals - Launch

Below are the current proposals from our curling rink and an invitation to the official launch