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Tuesday, 7 March 2017



The Curl Edinburgh 2018 Appeal recently kicked off with great interest and curiosity from our members! The appeal is looking to raise funds for essential modernisations of our curling facility.
The detailed plan, prepared in conjunction with architects, structural engineers, costs consultants, and others, was set out at a launch event last month. In brief, it schedules work in three phases to coincide with our off seasons. The sequence of work is still being confirmed, however the modernisation includes:
  • a new concrete cooling floor,
  • recladding the elevations,
  • energy efficient lighting,
  • the creation of an additional floor above the plant room, and
  • doubling the size of the viewing gallery
The project will be funded by a combination of cash reserves, grants, loans, and donations.
More than 30 years ago, a previous generation of Edinburgh curlers dug deep to ensure the continuation of curling in Edinburgh. Now, it is our turn. We are certain we can meet this challenge and emerge with a modern and efficient facility of which we can all be proud!
Donation forms are available at the bar or in the office or download a copy here. Send in your donation today!

A Closer Look

Phase 1
Planning consent has been secured for Phase 1 of construction. During the first phase of the project, the following will be undertaken:
  • Insulating the curling rink walls
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Modernisation of scoreboards and ice hall d├ęcor

Phase 2
Phase 2 includes the critical replacement of the curling floor:
  • Replace the aging concrete cooling floor
  • Install new flow and return headers
  • Construct foundations to allow for the Phase 3 extension of the first floor viewing area

Phase 3
The final phase of the project will ensure that we control our own destiny and are not at risk of losing communal gathering space. The construction will include:
  • A better-integrated bar and viewing area
  • New office space and roof plant area above the existing plant room
  • A DDA-compliant passenger lift
  • Toilet provision on the first floor

Want to learn more? You can view and download the original launch presentation online:

Launch Presentation

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pairs Competition

Rather late but the results of the Pairs Competition have now been added to the 'Results Tab'
Congratulations to Dave Munro and Ian Donald who took the High Road and Sandy Nicoll and David Wyllie who took the Low Road title.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Rennie Trophy - Winner Crowned

Congratulations to Sandy Nicoll who alongside his young team of sister Lindsey, Hamish Logan, Alistair Harvey, George Meikle and Emma Pate, took the Rennie title.  Their battle was a fierce one against the Karen Munro team but they came out the victors with the final stone.  They have therefore assured themselves of the crown with one game still to play.
In the final game Karen will play James Pate (second and third in the standings) to decide whether the youngsters take first AND second place.
In the other game our new champion Sandy will play Colin Baird.  Colin is still in a position to avoid relegation, but he needs to topple our champion elect.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Young v Old

With the Younger element rampaging all over the Rennie competition, it was a matter of pride for both sides to win the prestigious Young v Old crown.  The last winners were the Oldies who retained the title after a peel in last years edition.
Rumour has it that this was a match both teams were wanting to win and that honours were shared with one win to each side.  Overall however the Oldies took it with one impressive win.
On the other hand I may be talking rubbish, but the Oldies still won.
An eye witness report would be appreciated.

E.L. Knockout 2016/17

Hot on the heels of our Province Bonspiel success comes another victory.
Haddington are the Province Knockout champions.  Below is a short report on the semi final and final:-
The Haddington team of skip James Pate, third Dave Munro, second Sandy Nicoll and lead Andy Aberdein played Athelstaneford (Johnny Shedden, Douglas Scott, Frank Ross and Roy Black) in the semi final. From the start we managed to control and dictate the game and even when an end looked like drifting away from us James would pull out a saving shot and either keep the loss to a minimum or even claim the end. So we built a reasonably comfortable lead and Athelstaneford offered their hand in the 7th end to see Haddington through to the final. This gave us the opportunity for a brief rest before the final which followed in the next session. Meanwhile Yester and Dirleton were having a close battle and Dirleton skip Susan Meikle drew her last stone on the 8th end to gain a peel so their game went to a draw shot challenge. Susan unfortunately threw her stone through the house and Yester skip, Sandy Stewart, with all 4 of his team sweeping as hard as possible, managed to touch the front of the house so scraped into the final too.
So it was Haddington against ‘young’ Yester (Sandy Stewart, Andrew ?, Jack Kerr and Zoe Bain) in the final. It was a completely different type of game from our semi final with much more striking and much less use of guards. There was very little scoring in the early stages but from the 4th end Haddington managed to gradually ease away from Yester and by the time we reached the 8th end Yester skip Sandy had to try a ‘miracle’ shot which wasn’t really on to try and force the game to a peel. He didn’t manage it so Haddington took the trophy for the East Lothian Province Knock Out for the first time in 6 years. The club now have the opportunity to represent East Lothian in the Province Championships.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

E. L. Bonspiel 2017

Congratulations to both our teams in the East Lothain Bonspiel.
In the first round Haddington 2 came out of their match against Dirleton 11 shots up.  This gave them the half time lead over East Linton by 4 shots.  Unfortunately as this is a Shenkel competition, when they came to play each other East Linton came out on top.
Meanwhile, Haddington 1 started quietly with a single shot win over Yester.  This gave them a second round game against Doo'cot, who reached half time sitting in mid table.  The Haddington quartet then 'caught fire' and administered a severe 17 - 1 beating to Doo'cot.  This result gave Haddington 1 a total score of 17 shots up.  This was enough to secure Haddington the Elco Cup, for the nineteenth time in the history of the trophy, which dates back to 1859.
So well done to James Logan, James Pate, Andy Aberdein and Elinor Logan (helped out in the first game by Roy Black)

Friday, 20 January 2017

Wingate - Tablets of Stone

The penultimate round of the Wingate saw top and bottom of the table clashes.  The results lock in everyones positions and no more movement is possible.  We can all enjoy the final round with nothing but pride at stake.
We hail Dave Munro as our winner, for the second year in succession.  A feat that has only been achieved on six previous occasions, since the war !  They are:-
A McDiarmid 2013, 2014
P Rennie 1996, 1997
J Logan 1990,1991
J McLaren 1972, 1973
R Howden 1961, 1962
T Fortune 1953, 1954

I notice that no-one has achieved a hat trick, yet........  No pressure Dave.
Dave was assisted by James Pate, Colin Baird and Frances Donald.

At the other end of the table, a high scoring match was taking place with Morgan, skipping for Simon, stealing a 4 in the first end before losing a 4 in the second.  The third end saw him reestablish his lead with another 4 before the symmetry was lost by James Logan taking a 5 in the fourth end to make the score 9 - 8 after only four ends.  The game then settled down with James taking a 2 in the final end to win 12 - 10.
With 22 shots scored, this was easily the highest scoring game of the season.  The second highest with a total of 19 shots scored was also between James and Simon, this time in favour of Simon's rink.  That was also the first Wingate match of the year.