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Thursday, 23 October 2014

East Lothian Province Competitions

The Draws for the East Lothian Knock-out, the Pairs and the Bonspiel competitions have now been completed and can be found on the FIXTURES page.
Please note that the fixture date for the first round match in the Knock-out needs to be rearranged as our opposition cannot play at the original time.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Skins 2014

This seasons first silverware (ok, Pewter-ware)  goes to Andy McDiarmid and his rink of James Pate and Simon Kesley for the annual Skins Challenge between last years two league winners.
The score of Nine skins to Zero probably does not reflect the game, as it was not until the fifth end that either team got on the scoreboard with a total of an accumulated nine skins.  Although there was a pot of Seven skins available on the seventh and last end, this would not have been enough for Willie to overtake Andy.  This pot was not won either and (presumably) the two skips decided to shake hands without drawing the shot for the final pot.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Member Profile - James Logan

Ever wonder what our members get up to in their spare time, ie. time not on the ice.

Article spotted in the Toun Cryer - Oct/Nov edition.

Balyarrow 2014 - Results

A stormy morning saw 14 of our boys and girls heading towards Greenacres for the 2014 running of the Balyarrow being hosted by Bridge of Weir who narrowly pipped us three years ago with a final stone, final end win.  Although an experienced team, we were without our stalwarts including no Logans, Pates or Kerrs and many of our team had not ventured to Greenacres before.
The morning session got off to a good start with Morgan's rink getting off to a huge 14-1 victory.  Andy McDiarmid took some time to get to grips with the ice before he also led his team to a big win.  This left Haddinton as the only club that had won both their morning games.
In the afternoon Dave's rink set about trying to beat Morgan's total of the morning and coming up one shot down with another emphatic win 17 - 5.  This left John Good with the opportunity for a clean sweep.  Although John's team led for a large part of the game the loss of a 7 left his team trailing (Imagine what the opposition skip could have done if he had sight in both eyes - sorry John).  It looked like a comeback was possible and they got within two shots before another big loss in the last end.
This left Haddington with 3 wins and 1 loss and this was enough to tie with the holders Bridge of Weir on points, however a superiority in ends, shots up and total shots meant that Haddington won the Trophy for the third time in its history . The rink of Morgan Nicoll, Shelagh Main, Simon Kesley and Graeme Maguire were named the best rink of the day, narrowly pipping Dave Munro, Morgan Nicoll (again), Sandy Nicoll and Stephen Dyer.
We all then sat down to a thoroughly satisfactory supper courtesy of Greenacres and left us wondering, which of us is going to organise the 2017 event at Murrayfield.  (Volunteers, please let Graeme know !!!)

Full results and answers to the quiz can be found at the bottom of the Balyarrow Page.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Balyarrow - Sun 19th October

The triennial Balyarrow is being held at Greenacres on Sunday 19th October.

Haddington's teams are as follows (subject to change).
Andy McD, Sandy, Karen, Liz
Strathendrick 2
Morgan, Shelagh, Simon, John G ?
St Andrews 1
Dave M, Sandy, Graeme, Stephen
Falkland 4
John G, Andy A, Roy, Graham E
Bridge of Weir 3

The players in the first session should be there for the welcome at 12.15 and all players should be at Greenacres for a photo session at 14.45.

Good luck to everyone in their bid to win this for the third time.

RCCC Rink Champs - Round 1

Morgan Nicoll, John Good, Lindsey Nicoll and Elinor Logan played a Corstorphine team on 12 October 2014 in this competition. Corstorphine had something of an advantage in respect of ice knowledge as their players were Douglas Baxter, Colin Campbell and Aaron Forsythe, all Murrayfield Curling icemen, ably complimented by Dan Arrondale.
Sadly, our team were outclassed and outplayed by four men curling well as individuals and as a team. The game may best be summed up by saying that Haddington had to wait till the seventh end to take a shot, by which time Corstorphine was well out of sight with ten on the board.

Those in our Club who in the past have played and won at this level and gone on to the National final know that the standard is high. With the strength there is in Haddington, we can do better, so let's look forward to doing that in 2015. Surely by that time, Morgan will have got rid of the head cold that meant he was a bit short of his best this year!

John Good.

Now we move on with our next 'outside' competition - The Balyarrow on Sunday 19th October.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Opening Bonspiel 2014

With many of our reserves dusting off their techniques, the Opening Bonspiel saw run away winners with Andy Aberdein, Lorna Shaw, Stephen Dyer and Dave Wyllie having a decisive win of Twelve shots to Something over their rivals.
Things were a lot closer in the other match, with Graeme's rink of Richard Taylor Willie Thomson and Lisa Starrs edging our President Simon's rink Six shots to Five.
The rotating of positions caused a lot of fun and confusion and gave some of our trusty leads and seconds the opportunity to experience the game from the other end of the sheet.
The evening was completed with a very convivial supper which saw 17 attendees, having acquired some of our members who were involved in an Aberlady tussle on another sheet.
Thanks to everyone for a fun evening.