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Friday, 16 January 2015

Pairs, Practice and Dinner

Just a reminder of what's to come

Currently we have playing Andy Aberdein, John Good, Shelagh Main, Dave Munro,
Morgan Nicoll, Sandy Nicoll, Richard Taylor, Roy Black, Lindsey Nicoll, Lorna Nicoll,
Dave Wyllie, Charles Young, Julie Cadzow (and Simon non playing)
We need at least 3 more players,
Please drop me a text/email if you want to/can play.
We have some spare ice on Thursday 5th Feb at 5.30.  We will be using it as practice ice
and will have some informal coaching if anyone wants.
If you want to come along or if you know someone that wants to try curling please call me
on my mobile or drop me a text or email.
Dont forget the dinner, I will be sending round invites shortly but make sure its in your diary
Friday 13th March 2015.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Viva the Oldies

Congratulations to the Oldies, on managing to stem the tide of youngster victories.
Below is a match record from our roving reporter, Dave Munro:-

On sheet 1 the oldies team of Morgan, Simon, Andy (Aberdein) and Hugh took on the slightly more youthful Sandy, Rowena, Karen and Lorna (Shaw) in a serious father v son battle for supremacy while on sheet 2 a much younger (at heart) oldies squad of Dave, Willie (Kerr), John (Good) and Graham (Elder) squared up against youngies Lindsey, Jack and Becca Elder . (I note that Willie didn't face his daughter - ed.)
Both games were played with plenty of enthusiasm and while Dave’s rink were gradually moving ahead leading 6-0 after 4 ends, the Nicoll family were in a real tight match at 3-3 after 4. In ends 5 & 6 on sheet 2, however, Lindsey and her team sprung to life and score a 2 and a 1 to bring the match to 3-6. Meanwhile, back on the other sheet, Sandy scored a 3 off his dad and at this point in the evening, both matches were 6-3 meaning the overall match was tied at 9-9. 
However with Dave and Morgan both scoring 2’s at their next ends then Lindsey only getting a 1 in their last end while Sandy and Morgan blanked their last, the overall outcome was a win for the wonderfully talented but modest oldies with a combined score of 13-10 in their favour, (Final scores Morgan 5 - Sandy 6 and Dave 8 – Lindsay 4). 
A close result in a very enjoyable competition which gives the older members a taste of victory which has gone the way of the young ones for the past couple of years.


Watch out for a youngster backlash next season !

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to Curl ?

I have added a short 2 minute animated guide to the sport of Curling in the links section, just in case anyone had forgotten over the break.  The guide is short, snappy and well put together, if you can forgive the North American terms (rocks, feet etc.).  I consider it well worth pointing out to prospective new curlers.

Welcome Back

Happy New Year.
The second part of the season kicks off with our annual Young v Old match on Monday 12th Jan at 5.30pm.
Just a reminder, the Young are on for a hat trick of wins.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Break

We wish John Good and Dave Munro the best of luck in the Province Pairs competition on Saturday

Other than that we wish everyone a Good Christmas and New Year.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Rennie @ 2/3rds

As the Rennie reaches it's Christmas break and the end of the second round, things started closing up somewhat.  Dave previously unbeaten was up against Colin who was still to get off the mark.  Things were going to form with Dave leading 3 - 1 after four ends, then Colin mounted a strong come back and pulled off a great win to send him into the Christmas break with something to cheer about.
In the other game, I have to report that despite Simon not playing a single bad stone his side recorded another loss to John Good.  Simon actually played despite a shoulder injury and skipped but did not deliver any stones.  Dedication from Oor President and a lesson to any footballers out there.
These results see the gap narrowing to a single win between the top two teams and the same margin between the trailing two teams.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wingate at 2/3rds

After two of the three rounds of the Rennie have been completed we see Morgan slipping into a narrow one point lead over Willie (after my mistake has been corrected - oops) who has a further one point lead over our two times winner Andy.  Although Andy could, mathematically, still win it now looks like a fight to avoid relegation.