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  • Presidents Drinks - Sat 6 Oct from 7.30pm
  • Opening Bonspiel & SUPPER - Thu 11 Oct @ 6pmpt @ 7.30
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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Season 18/19 News and Housekeeping

The Syllabus should be with you all in a couple of days but if you are keen, you can find it on the Fixtures tab (above).
Also on the fixtures tab are the draws/dates for all our 'outside' competitons.
NB. the draw for the Province Competitions has not yet taken place but the opposition will be added in due course.
PLEASE NOTE:- To go with our 'NEW' ice rink are new session times.  These only relate to Thursdays and Fridays.  The session times for Monday to Wednesday has not been changed.
Also, in order to eliminate Friday ice, we have had to accept some weekend ice (mostly Sunday).
It is particularly import and that you know WHEN you are playing, so please be careful, it will be very easy to get conmfused (or even confused).

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Grassroots Coach of the Year

© Scottish Curling / Tom Brydone
OK, even I think that the shirt was maybe a mistake !

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The Rennie Decider

A happy Andy Aberdein
On a cold Wednesday night at 9.30 two teams assembled at Murrayfield to 'duke out' the delayed Rennie title decider.  In the end, the win went to Team Aberdein, consisting of Andy Aberdein, Willie Kerr, Simon Kesley and Paule Arnott.    Andy Aberdein is a deserved champion as he has led the competition from the very first round.  Unfortunately the Club Dinner is tomorrow, so there will be no time to get the Rennie Quaich engraved in time.  Although credit goes to Team Nicoll, who fought back well to take the game to the final round.  Third place goes to Rowena Kerr's team, who ended equal on points with Morgan but lose out on second spot on ends.

The other postponed game between Colin Baird's team and Team Pate was abandoned as no-one felt it necessary to turn up at 9.30pm for a game without significance.  The result has been indicated as a peel.

Friday, 2 March 2018

2 March Game postponed

Tonight's Rennie title decided has been postponed due to weather.
This should ramp up the tension nicely.
Alternative date will be published when decided.

2 March - snow report

WARNING - Murrayfield is officially closed until  2.30 today BUT there has been no snow clearance in the car park and 'flood walls' have acted as snow fences. The condition crossing the bridge is unknown and the skating rink is closed all day.
I suspect that our 5.30 game may be cancelled but will try and update later.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Rennie - Title Decider - Build Up

With only 1 fixture left we see the table toppers, Andy and Morgan, facing off against each other in the title decider.  Both are faltering with the finishing tape getting closer, while the 'Youngsters' have finally got into their stride, although a bit to late.
In the last nights games, a member of Morgan's rink (OK it was me) was heard to say that there are nights when you lose but feel that you have played ok, this was NOT one of those nights.  All four players were definitely sub-par in their 8 - 3 loss to Karen's rink.  Karen, although finishing bottom has taken a win and a peel from her last two games and both of these were against the two title contenders.  Our other young team led by Rowena was also winning last night with an 8 - 6 score against Colin's rink.  Rowena is also finished her campaign and will finish in third place.
The various teams are now neatly back into the positions that they occupied back in December at the half way point.
Andy now leads Morgan by 1 point, so the winner of next weeks sudden death game, will be the champion.  (A peel would also seal the deal for Andy).  Andy's last result was a peel against the bottom of the table team, while Morgan's team comes into the crunch game off the back of defeats to both the 'young' teams.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Swan Trophy

Congratulations to our teams led by Morgan Nicoll (in stead of James Logan) and Willie Kerr.  The record books show that the last time we won this prestigious trophy was back in 1964.  After this years final the record books will STILL show that the last time that we won was 1964 !
In the semi-finals we secured two relatively comfortable wins against Corstorphine to qualify for an early lunch andslot in the final.  Meanwhile Penicuik were taking Currie and Balerno to the wire. In the end C&B had just enough juice to squeeze through.
Despite our best efforts to rush them back onto the ice, they took their time recovering before heading onto the ice for a very cagey final.  After two ends the aggregate scores were tied at 1 - 1, with two (deliberately) blanked ends.  The scores ebbed and flowed however in the second last end a superb draw and tap back from Robin Copland secured a big score of 4 and the result was beyond rescue.  (Although a fall back in the last end denied Willie a 4).  For the record the final aggregate score was 16 - 6 but this does not come close to describing the run of play.
So, Congratulations again to Willie Kerr, Sandy Nicoll, Graeme Maguire, Shelagh Main and to Morgan Nicoll, James Pate, John Good and Andy Aberdein who ALL made C&B have to fight for their win.
The last time we competed in the final was 2013 when we came up short against Corstorphine.