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Monday, 13 November 2017

Wingate at 1/3 distance

With the first round now complete, our defending champion Dave Munro and his team have opened some clear blue water between themselves and the other teams.  This is not so much as a mighty river as a small trickling stream-let.
The Munro squad have managed to win all three of their games in what looks on paper as quite comfortably.  In reality the games were all much closer than the results make them look.
The remaining three skips are meantime squabbling among themselves, in that they all have one win to their names.  Sandy beat James L but lost to Willie.  Willie on the other hand lost to James Logan who had already been beaten by Sandy etc etc.  All these games, however,  were decided by a single shot, leaving Dave as the only skip who has won by more than one shot.
The remaining league positions are therefore decided by ends, so James L takes second spot having won 10 ends to the others having 9 a-piece.  Sandy pips Willie by only being four shots down compared to six.  Maybe the results would have been a bit different if someone hadn't stolen ONE of Willie's curling shoes after the first game of the season.  (Sandy/James, I hope you are going to give him it back at the Dinner?)

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