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Monday, 6 November 2017

Aberlady Friendship Kettle

Congratulations to our 'Juniors' who were invited to take part in the Aberlady Friendship Kettle.
This is an event, similar in nature to our Balyarrow Trophy and is played between clubs sharing their 'birthday' and selected clubs with whom they have a close association.  This close link is demonstrated by three out of our four players also being members of Aberlady !
The competition is played on an accumulated shots-up basis.  Our Juniors, skipped by Karen Munro made a strong come back in the final two ends of their game against Breadalbane/Kenmore to secure a +2 shot score.
In their second game, Lorna Nicoll took the helm and along with Karen, Callum Harvey and Daniel Peart.  Playing against a double father/son pairing, representing Blairdrummond, they pulled out a narrow lead and managed to retain it for the rest of the game, giving them their second +2 shot score.
With a total +4 shots they were able to secure second place to an Aberlady team that were taking no prisoners by winning their second game 8 - 0, thus ensuring them a win with the score of +11.

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