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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Province Pairs

On a wet blustery Saturday our club pairs champions, James Pate and Shelagh Main made their way in to Murrayfield for the Province Pairs competition.
First the bad news, They lost in the first round to an in form East Linton team but that qualified them to play in the Low Road, so they were unable to head off for an early Christmas drink.  The luck of the draw saw one easy and one tricky draw, guess which one we got.....   Correct !  the might of Callum Harvey and his Dirleton team.  It was a tight affair with James just missing a draw for a very large end and finishing with a mere big end.  The final score was a tie and a draw the button to decide the winner.  James opted to sweep the Haddington stone which slid just behind the T, Dirleton elected to not sweep their stone which came up just short and Haddington made their way through to a Province Final for the first time in a few years.
The other game saw a surprise as Doo'cot edged out Markle.
The Low Road Final was never in doubt (really!) with James and Shelagh taking the honours in style with a double digit score.

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