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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Points 2015

Congratulations to James Pate for breaking the Nicoll dominance of our annual points competition.
A tight fight at the top of the leaderboard saw Sandy, James and James (Logan and Pate) slugging it out.  James Logan, while in a close second after 7 exercises was forced to withdraw and leave the battle to others.  It was looking as though the record high score (for the recent years anyway) was going to be broken before Sandy had a fall on ice half way through the final exercise, forcing him to withdraw as well.  (Honestly, Points is not a dangerous event !)  James Pate then blanked the final exercise, maybe in sympathy to edge out last years winner by one point.
Meanwhile Graeme got off to a sound start but fell away badly in the middle.  A strong finish in the final two exercises saw him climb to equal last years total and come in third.

The ladies title, for the third year running (and this time wearing her own trousers) went to Lindsey to ensure that the Nicolls did not go home empty handed.  Lindsey has now taken the title five years from the last six and is the one to beat next time out.

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