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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Skins 2015/16

Monday night saw the usual scratching of heads as teams Kerr and Munro faced off against each other in the Champions Skins Challenge.
Although Willie had come prepared with sweeties and bowls to record the results, nobody thought to bring the lovingly prepared scorecard and rules.  It was eventually remembered that a spare set had been pinned on the club noticeboard and play got under way.
When Graeme and Morgan (who will from now on be called the spectators) turned up, the first two ends had seen the 'skins' rolled over.  This was when Team Munro struck, taking the third end and collecting 4 skins (no jokes please).  It was one way traffic from there though with Equipe Kerr taking the next three ends and collecting 8 skins.  With 4 being available for the last end, there was all to play for and Willie kept the house clear and only allowed Dave (with the hammer) to score a one and thus not take the pot. 
With time pressing there should have been a draw shot to decide the final pot but as Dave pointed out, that would only earn him a peel, if he won, and then there would have to be another draw shot to decide the title winner.  At this point Dave offered the handshake and Willie Kerr, Elinor Logan and Graham Elder emerged our first champions for the season.

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