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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

RCCC Rink Champs - Out-Gunned

Last Saturday our boys & girl set about a very tough first round match against the Murrayfield Champions from last year - Gogar Park.
Our rink was skipped by Dave Munro who provided this report:-

You asked for a brief report on the rink championship match against Gogar Park and I was tempted to make it very brief.... ‘we lost!’
However I had better make a bit of an effort. It can be summed up that we (Shelagh, Andy McD, James P and myself) were outplayed (or should that be out-Gunned!) by a Gogar Park rink of Ian Keron, Stuart Dodds, Sean Murphy and Niall Gunn. Having lost 2 singles we took a 2 at the 3rd to square the game but although we played the 4th end quite well my last stone gave Niall an opportunity of a double take out to lie 3 which he achieved. Now chasing the game a bit we gambled somewhat which ended up with my last shot drawing against 2 and unfortunately came up marginally short. Although we gave ourselves a small glimpse of hope in the 6th with another well worked 2, trying to steal a 3 in the last was always a big order and we eventually lost a further 3 shots to see a slightly unrepresentative result of 10-4 to Gogar Park. Maybe next year! 
I watched the first four ends and more than one Gogar Park Player asked if Haddington practiced their trick shots, which I thought was unfair as 1) the trick shots that I saw (including a beautiful, long diagonal promote to the button from Dave) were all called and made and 2) We were STILL losing despite them.  
The opposition was a very strong team with vastly more ice time this season than we were able to muster. In the words of Dave - "Maybe next year"

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