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Monday, 29 September 2014

Unleash Your Sporty Side

Stephen wonders where
the measure is ?

As part of East Lothian's 'Unleash Your Sport Side' day, we, along with ten other local sports clubs put on a display and demonstration in the Aubigny Centre of New Age Kurling.  Yes, that was curling with a K. This was the indoor (roller) version of our game that we demonstrated as part of the Queen's Baton Relay Celebrations.  This time the floor was much smoother and and required more skill and less chance of a bad bounce off a loose floor board.  We were kept busy throughout the three hours with a constant stream of people ranging from youngsters to oldsters wanting to give it a go.  Several others wanted to discuss the proper game and we collected some names and contacts for future 'ice bound' Come & Try events..
The children were all very competitive and gave us a hard time and I don't think that anyone was cutting them much slack.
We were informed that our display was one of the constantly busiest throughout the afternoon and we were thanked for contributing to the event
Huge thanks go to Stephen Dyer and Richard Taylor for their help and time.
As usual more photos can be found on our Flickr site - follow the link, or look top right.
OK One shot to blue then !

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