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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Skins 2013

Congratulation to Colin Baird, who is the first to appear on Haddington's 'Roll of Honour' for 2013/14, having won the 'Champions of Champions' Skins title.
It would only be fair to mention that Colin and his team of Graeme, Graham and Trish/Pat were comprehensively outplayed by James Pate (standing in for Andy McDiarmid), Simon, John and Stephen.  Due to the vagaries of the scoring system, which only appears to be understood by Graeme (who is quite often on the winning side !) Colin came out of the game the winner by 10 skins to 4.  Had this been a normal game James would have been the victor by 6 shots to 4.

The game started off with James taking the first end skin by four shots then stealing a single to take the second end skin.  Colin made use of the hammer to take the third end (worth 2 skins) to tie the game at 2 skins each.  No skins were won on the fourth, or fifth end leaving a total of 8 skins riding on the sixth end.  With the two skips facing a draw to the button, Colin managed the one shot steal necessary to collect the available pot and with only 4 skins available on the seventh end, hands were shaken and the players retired to the bar.

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