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Friday, 18 October 2013

Opening Bonspiel

To keep people guessing, our second game of the season was The Opening Bonspiel.
It was great to see so many faces out on the ice again.  Both games were played in good, if not high, spirits with a lot of banter and sledging going on, especially between Messrs Maguire and Kerr.  The atmosphere was just as it should be and many players being baffled as to what to do when asked to play in unfamiliar positions.  I think most folk enjoyed their turn as skip and it probably gave the regular skips a bit of a shock to be playing as lead.
In the Kesley v Aberdein match, Pat and Colin Hood were all out to make their marks before jetting off for the rest of the season.  Pat, as skip, played 2 perfect draws to the button while Colin had his weight perfected all night.
There were also notable shots in the Baird v L(orna) Nicoll game from all players.  It was reported that Stephen had played a 'fine game'
The overall scores mattered, not a jot, as everyone left the ice and headed for supper, where the gossip continued and our two proud new fathers, Willie and Andy, got to brag.
Now back to the serious stuff.........

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