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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Wingate at 2/3rds distance

Last night saw the teams completing their second leg of the triple round robin league.
Dave Munro our leader was stuck in traffic on the M8 while his deputy (my name will not be mentioned to protect the guilty) steered his team into a 6 - 1 losing position against Sandy.  Unfortunately for Sandy, Dave turned up in the middle of the fourth end and proceeded to win that and every successive end to pull back to an unexpected 6 - 6 draw. (I am not sure if I am relieved or annoyed at the embarrassment).  This was the first peeled game of the competition.
Meanwhile, on paper, another close tussle was being fought out between Elinor (standing in for James L) and Willie (the man with the two tone shoes).  This game resulted in our second peeled game of the competition with a score of 4 - 4. Although Mr Kerr was overheard to say that he probably did not deserve the point !
So two peeled games leave Dave still out in front although Willie and Sandy could still catch him by winning ALL their remaining games AND by dramatically increasing their winning ends.  In the relegation battle, Willie, Sandy and James L are all within 2 points (one win)  and 2 ends of each other.  So it looks like Dave is odds on to get his hat trick but the only thin that is certain is that he cannot be relegated and James Logan cannot now win this year.

Meanwhile in the Rennie, approaching the half way point, an important victory for Rowena lifts her team up from last place to third, which improves the prospects of the youngsters for this season, but there is still a long way to go in this competition yet.

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