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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Skins 2017

Double Skins Champion, Dave Munro
.... and so the victorious teams from last season assembled for our annual 'Skins' competition.
The Munro team, the current Skins champions mustered an experienced team looked on as the 'rules' were explained to Sandy Nicoll's team.  The NEW club rules were then explained to both teams.
Team Munro's experience showed and they took skins in the first four ends to make the score 6 - 0.
Sandy then took the more valuable skins on ends five and six to level the score at 6 - 6.
The referree made sure that both teams were aware that in the event of the four skins available for the seventh end, not being won, that a winner would be determined by drawing the shot.
With his last shot remaining, Sandy had worked out that to win he would have to hit the button, not once, but twice in order to take the title.  This added pressure caused him to over throw his shot and leave Team Munro victorious with a score of 10 - 6.

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