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  • EL BONSPIEL - Fri 18-1-19 @ 12 Noon
  • PAIRS Competition - Sun 20-1-19 @ 4.15 pm
  • Wingate - Thu 24-1-19 @ 6 pm
  • EL Mixed Doubles - Sun 27-1-19 @ 12 Noon
  • Sunday League - Sun 3-2-19 @ 6.30 pm
  • Rennie - Tue 5-2-19 @ 7.30 pm
  • Rennie - Tue 12-2-19 @ 7.30 pm
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Monday, 21 August 2017

Spring Cleaning

With the new season only a few weeks away your committee has been hard at work securing the required ice and drawing teams.
The website, although looking very familiar (like an old pair of curling shoes) has been updated with all the info for the new season.  Please take some time to trawl through it.

This is a big season with something like an extra 20 sheets of ice having been booked.  Ten of these sheets are for our Tri-annual Balyarrow Competition and the other sheets are to accommodate the additional team for our Rennie Competition.
All the upcoming fixtures should be listed at the top of the webpage.
Remember, if you are on Facebook you can always join our page here .
This page is moderated by Lindsey (Not Nicoll) McConnell, to whom congratulations are sent, and is especially useful for those in the Rennie Competition as she issues 'game alerts' for the junior teams.

Final reminders -
Pay your subscriptions by 5th September
Don't forget to reply to Presidents Drink's Invite
Note the times of ALL your games (Not just the Wingate and Rennie ones)
Arrange your subs early if you cannot make a fixture.

.......enough nagging.
Enjoy, what is left of the summer

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