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Friday, 20 January 2017

Wingate - Tablets of Stone

The penultimate round of the Wingate saw top and bottom of the table clashes.  The results lock in everyones positions and no more movement is possible.  We can all enjoy the final round with nothing but pride at stake.
We hail Dave Munro as our winner, for the second year in succession.  A feat that has only been achieved on six previous occasions, since the war !  They are:-
A McDiarmid 2013, 2014
P Rennie 1996, 1997
J Logan 1990,1991
J McLaren 1972, 1973
R Howden 1961, 1962
T Fortune 1953, 1954

I notice that no-one has achieved a hat trick, yet........  No pressure Dave.
Dave was assisted by James Pate, Colin Baird and Frances Donald.

At the other end of the table, a high scoring match was taking place with Morgan, skipping for Simon, stealing a 4 in the first end before losing a 4 in the second.  The third end saw him reestablish his lead with another 4 before the symmetry was lost by James Logan taking a 5 in the fourth end to make the score 9 - 8 after only four ends.  The game then settled down with James taking a 2 in the final end to win 12 - 10.
With 22 shots scored, this was easily the highest scoring game of the season.  The second highest with a total of 19 shots scored was also between James and Simon, this time in favour of Simon's rink.  That was also the first Wingate match of the year.

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