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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Province Draws

The Draw for all the Province Competitions has now been made and can be seen in full on the Fixtures Tab.

Our matches stack up as follows:-
Knock Out  (J Pate, A Aberdein, S Nicoll, E Logan)
Saturday 17th Dec at 11.30  v  Markle

Pairs ( S Main & L J Nicoll)
Saturday 10th Dec from 11.30 v Doo'cot

Bonspiel ( D Munro, M Nicoll, A McDiarmid, E Logan and
                  J Logan, J Pate, A Aberdein, C Baird)
Friday 20th January 2017 from 12.05 v Yester 1 and Dirleton

Names put forward for external competitions are:-
NB. Rinks will be selected by the Province Committee and not all nominated players will necessarily play)
Borders Challenge (C Baird, E Logan, J Pate, J Good)
Wednesday 16th November at 2.30pm - Kelso

Waldie Griffith (S Main, A Aberdein, M Nicoll, D Wyllie)
Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 2.30 - Murrayfield v Forth & Endrick

Area 5 (Edinburgh) Bonspiel (S Nicoll, G Maguire)
Friday 2nd December at 12.05pm

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