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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Final Rennie Results

The final games in the Rennie saw Simon's team finally slide away from their mid-season purple patch back to their early season losing streak while John tried to make a late come back with only his second win of the season.  That said a 15 - 0 win was pretty uncompromising, if only they could have shown some of that form earlier in the year....
This left the Battle of the Andys which was viewed with interest by Simon and his crew.  A win for Andy Aberdein would have meant second place in the table and pushing Simon back down to third.  Despite some promising shot,s the might of our run away champions, Andy McDiarmid, Willie Kerr, Sandy Nicoll and John Playfair proved too much in the end, although an 8 - 4 scoreline flattered our champions.

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