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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Young V Old 2016

The new year got underway with its now traditional Young v Old Challenge.  The Young rinks, spearheaded by Sandy Nicoll and Lorna Shaw were out for blood having been denied their 'hat trick' last year by a slightly desperate Old Team.
The game was conducted in a fun and competitive way with both teams aiming for the win. 
With one end to play, I think it is fair to say that all four rinks had experienced one bad/stupid end but over the two games the scores were tied at 12 each. The Willie Kerr/ Sandy Nicoll game was first to complete with a 2 shot victory for the Old campaigners.  This left the pressure on Lorna Shaw who needed to strike and lie through a port with her final stone.  There was never any doubt, the Youngsters scored two. 
With the game tied and the ice men waiting a dispute raged on how to decide a winner, with some calling for a 'draw the shot',  others claiming that the Oldies had won on ends and still some others saying that the Oldies retain the title by being unbeaten.
In the end sense prevailed (really !!) and in the spirit in which the games had been played and honourable PEEL was declared with the sport of curling being the winner (Oh really !)

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