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Friday, 30 January 2015

Pairs Winners

Despite only managing to turn out 12 instead of 16 players, the competition was still keen with James Pate and Charles Young having to face 2 'Draw Shot Challenges'.  The first got them through to the Low Road Final, the second lost them the final.

Congratulations to Morgan and Shelagh for taking the High Road and to 'Team Andy' ie. Aberdein and Kinnaird for winning that 'Draw Shot' to take the Low Road.

Andy Aberdein deserves particular mention as this is the third year in a row (and fourth year out of five) where he has figured on the winners list, although the last two years have been the high road.

Here is a condensed report on the event:-
Here's a condensed report.
Round 1
Andy Aberdein and Andrew Kinnaird beat John Good and David Wyllie 6 - 2.
Dave Munro and Simon Kesley beat James Pate and Charles Young by 6 - 1
Morgan Nicoll and Shelagh Main beat Sandy Nicoll and Richard 5 - 2.
Sandy and Richard progressed to Round 2 by having taken two ends to John and David's one.
Round 2 a
Morgan and Shelagh beat Dave and Simon 6 - 2
Sandy and Richard beat Andy and Andrew 5 - 2
Round 2 b
In this game James and Charles pealed with John and David 4 - 4. James won the draw shot challenge to take him and Charles forward.
'Low Road' Final
James and Charles pealed with Andy and Andrew 2 - 2 and with two ends each. Andy won the draw shot challenge and the Low Road for him and Andrew. Well done both.
High Road Final
The game between Morgan and Shelagh versus Sandy and Richard was fought as keenly as any on the day. Each won two ends, but Morgan and Shelagh took the title with four shots to three.
As usual, this game was played not only on the ice but on the gallery. Had the result been determined by the stones played by the experts on the gallery they would all have been perfect.......but the real game was played on the ice by four good players who well deserved the applause they got for showing us an exciting Pairs game.
Congratulations to Morgan and Shelagh. No doubt at all that Sandy and Richard will be back to give the Pairs another go next year.

Thanks to Secretary Graeme for marshalling players for our Pairs Competition. Thanks also to David Wyllie and others who devised a formula to give us all as many games as possible, given that six pairs don't easily lead to the Club's usual split after the first round into a high and low roads. Let's all see what we can do to get a full sixteen forward next year. 

John R Good

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