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Monday, 27 January 2014

Pairs 2013 / 14

Richard and Andy A
Congratulations to everyone who took part in this years pairs, which provided a few surprises and upsets along the way.
In the first round The Daves (Munro and Wyllie) presented a granny to Simon and Lindsey, who were definitely slow off the mark.
In the Low Road, John G and Julie ran out the winners against the inexperienced duo of Douglas Pate and Steven Dyer while Simon and Lindsey continued their slow start against Shelagh and Hamish Logan.  Simon and Lindsey finally got on the scoreboard in their seventh end of the day and followed up with another end peeling the game and having to draw the shot.  Lindsey drew just behind the button while the opposition slipped a few inches further.
The final was a tight affair all the way through with our snails, Simon and Lindsey coming good at the end and winning three shots to two against John and Julie.
The Gallery
In the High Road, both games went with a four - two scoreline leaving us with a battle of the Andys for the crown.  Morgan (fresh from his Province Pairs and Province Bonspiel titles - both for 'the other club') and his Andy (Kinnaird) were favourites against Richard Taylor and Andy Aberdein (both with excellent track records in the Pairs).  After 4 ends Morgan and Andrew K were leading five to three and looking comfortable.  This was when the ice came into play and bit back. Morgan's first stone picked up and veered off the sheet while his second also picked and veered away........ then swerved back and ended on the button half guarded !  much to the frustration of the opposition and jeering from the spectators gallery.  All was not yet lost for Richard and Andy A who watched Morgan's final shot neatly pick out his own shot stone.  Richard and Andy then 'calmly' played their final stone for a three and the title.

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